17 agosto 2021, Comunicato stampa del Gruppo Identità e Democrazia.

Identity and Democracy Group warns against new massive refugee flow to Europe

Following the US administration’s ill-prepared and catastrophic retreat of US military troops from Afghanistan, the Identity and Democracy Group in the European Parliament (ID) calls on all EU Member States and other European nations to safeguard their borders against a new massive inflow of refugees.

The tragic mistakes related to the war in Syria cannot be repeated. Europe cannot afford a new massive intake of refugees and immigrants such as the one encouraged and facilitated by Angela Merkel and her “Willkommenskultur” (“Welcoming culture”) in 2015.

The reception of refugees should take place in Afghanistan’s neighboring countries. By doing so, more people can be helped, more quickly.

In addition, the ID Group calls upon EU Member States to promptly and efficiently exchange information on ‘domestic’ Islamist terrorists (actual and aspiring) traveling to and from Afghanistan. Afghanistan cannot become an international Islamist terror hub again.